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The Fiber Glass Filter Bags for Dust Air Filtration from Cement Kiln.

asphalt plant filter bags

The fiber glass filter bags designed for cement kiln from Zonel Filtech that is made of E-fiber glass woven filter fabric with PTFE membrane laminated treatment after some special finish treatment so as to make the cement kiln dust filter bag with a much better flexibility, abrasion resistance, lower emission rate but lower resistance and very suitable to be used in the cement dust air circumstances, always can keep the perfect filtration performance and with a much longer service time.

The fiber glass dust filter bags from Zonel Filtech will accompany with the fully technical support so as to guarantee the fiber glass dust filter bags with a perfect filtration performance.

We mainly offer 2 emission rates for choice on fiber glass filter bags for cement industry, i.e. < 20mg/Nm2, <10mg/Nm2. Only if the end users can make the maintenance on their dust collectors according to our instrusction, the 3~4 years good performance will be guaranteed.

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