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How to choose the filter bags for cement plants?

In the current global economic climate, industries around the world are under pressure to raise efficiency but cut costs, and the cement industry is no exception; moreover, for reserving the environment, the governments from different countries made more and more strict waste gas/dust emission policy, of course, which have much effect on those plants that need to exhaust much waste gases and dust, such as steel plants, thermal power plants, sure cement plants also in this field, so how to get a good maintenance on bag filter houses is more and more important for cement plants.

Dust filter bags as the key part for the dust filter houses, how to get the most suitable dust filter bags for the different filter houses with the lowest cost but perfect performance is very important for the maintenance staff in cement plants.

Due to the dust collectors in cement plants will be equipped from the raw meal preparation works to the final cement mills and packing shops, so the filter bags request always various for these different locations, for convenient the end users to define the suitable filter bags fast, as one of the most professional dust filter bags manufacturer, Zonel Filtech was offered the following guidance for their reference, if there is any questions or problems, welcome to contact us freely.

The filter bags for cement plants mainly as following:

Filter bags for cement plants
Zonel Filtech provide nearly all kinds of filter bags for cement plants, they used in different places of the cement plants, mainly as following:
A. filter bags for kiln-/raw mill in cement plant: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.
B. filter bags for alkali bypass in cement plant: 5, 6, 7, or some blended.
C. filter bags for coal mill in cement plant: 2, 8 with antistatic.
D. filter bags for clinker cooler in cement plant: 1, 3, 5.
E. filter bags for cement finish mill: 1, 2.

Any filter bags needed, welcome to contact Zonel Filtech freely!

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