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  • Dust filter cartridges/ replacement filter cartridges

    Dust filter cartridges/ replacement filter cartridges

    Dust filter cartridges are the key parts of the cartridge dust collectors, according to different systems with the special applications, the cartridge always designed with different caps with the relevant sealing method, different filter material and the glue material, so the professional and experienced supplier will help you to solve all of these kinds of problems in case any possible accident when operating.

    Zonel Filtech provide the fully solutions for the replacement filter cartridges nearly for all of the famous brand dust collectors of the world, such as the replacement cartridges for Donaldson® cartridge dust collectors, Nederman® cartridge dust collectors, Amano® cartridge dust collectors, FARR® cartridge dust collectors, Nordson® cartridge dust collectors, etc.

    The replacement filter cartridges from Zonel Filtech with the properties of stable and strong construction, big dust load capacity and good air/cloth ratio, long service life, any help needed, welcome to contact us!

  • Cartridge Dust Collectors

    Cartridge Dust Collectors

    The cartridge dust collector with the advanced properties of small size, big air flow volume, high filter efficiency, small investment which are widely used many industrial occasions for dust collection.

    Zonel Filtech can provide the oblique installed filter cartridge dust collectors, vertical installed filter cartridge dust collectors, portable dust collector, silo dust collectors, etc.

    Besides the dust filter machines, Zonel Filtech also provide replacement filter cartridges for cartridge dust collector for both Zonel made and other OEMs, and special size and usage filter cartridge can be customized.

    Welcome to cooperate with Zonel Filtech!
    (How to choose the suitable cartridge dust collector?)