What filter bags is suitable for asphalt mixing station for dust/fume collection?

For keeping the road building works continuously, the asphalt temperature always keeping at a higher side, so how to choose the filter bag for asphalt concrete mixer is very crucial.

As usual, when the temperature of dust air from the asphalt concrete mixer more than 120 degree C, we will suggest our clients to choose the aramid filter bags (made of Nomex needle felt) so as to guarantee the dust collector with a perfect performance and can work continuously for a long time.

However, due to the building materials insert into the mixer to combination with asphalt are various, which make the content of the dust air is quite complex, as usual the dust air content will include asphalt, coke tar, river sand, stone power and so on which is quite sticky and also include much higher the moisture content, so when the temperature lower some or the station stop to work, the filter bags may be blocked due to the dew problem.

For solve this problem, Zonel Filtech was developed the aramid (Nomex) filter cloth for filter bags with WOR finish treatment so as to make the aramid filter bags from Zonel Filtech with a wonderful performance and long service life in asphalt mixing station for dust collection. The WOR will make the filter cloth with a micro membrane on the surface of the material, and make the surface of the filter bags is repellent from the liquid so can solve the problem perfectly.

Relevant specification for the Nomex needle felt for the filter bags production:
Material: aramid (Nomex) fiber, supported with aramid (Nomex) scrim / fabric.
Weight: 350~650g/sq.m
Operation Temperature: Continues: ≤204℃; Peaks: 220℃

Any questions or help needed on dust filter bags for asphalt mixing station/Asphalt plant, welcome to contact ZONEL FILTECH!

Post time: Jan-25-2022