PPS dust filter

  • PPS/Ryton needle felt filter cloth, PPS dust filter bags

    PPS/Ryton needle felt filter cloth, PPS dust filter bags

    PPS PPS (polyphenylene sulfide, Ryton® , Procon®) is one of the best filter materials with the properties high temperature resistance, anti -acid, anti-alkali, hydrolysis resistant. The PPS filter bags mainly used for purifying the dust air which include some acid or alkali materials under the high temperature, such as the thermal power plants boils exhausting gas cleaning, waste incinerators fume removal, etc.

    Zonel Filtech adopted the first grade PPS fiber with sound needle punching processing and surface treatment, chemical treatment, make the filter bags can meet various filtration requirements from the clients in different industrials.

    Zonel Filtech research and developed the new type of PPS filter bags, without PTFE membrane, can control the emission much less than 20 mg/Nm3 at the same air/cloth ratio, the resistance lower 40% at least and offering a much efficient but economical solutions for our clients.