The properties of the filter cloth with PTFE membrane laminated.

1. better filter efficiency
The PTFE membrane with a cross micro open size can filter very tiny dust (fume), especial good for ultra-fine dust collection, lower emission.

2. lower resistance
The filter cloth with PTFE membrane which collect the dust is a kind of surface filtration, the surface is smooth which very good for bag purging works, so it’s not easy to be blocked even filter the ultra-tiny dust and wet dust, so the average resistance is lower when compared to the normal filter materials.

3. bigger air/cloth ratio
The filter cloth with PTFE membrane with the properties of lower and stable resistance, the filter speed will much higher than the normal filter materials, which will save the space of the bag filter house that sure will save much cost, at the same time will increase the air flow.

4. widely application
The filter cloth after PTFE membrane will acquire the properties of anti-corrosive, high temperature resistance, and anti-moisture, easy cake release (especial good for the hygroscopic and glutinous dust) widely used for fume and dust removal and powder collection.

5. save much cost
Because the filter bags with PTFE membrane will reduce the purging frequency. With a lower resistance which will save much power. At the same time, the examining and repairing time for bag filter house should be reduced. All of the above can save much cost for us.

6. Prolong the using life.
Due to the lower resistance in bag filter house, lower purging time for the filter bags and less dust can insert into the filter cloth which can prolong the using life of filter bags.

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Post time: Jan-27-2022