• Filter press belt/ vacuum filter belt/ Forming belt

    Filter press belt/ vacuum filter belt/ Forming belt

    Zonel Filtech provide replacement filter belt for various filter machines, such as horizontal vacuum belt filters (offer vacuum filter belts), belt filter press (offer press filter belt), HVPF belt filters (tower belt filter), drum filters, paper or nonwoven forming machine, etc.
    The filter belt can be produced with woven filter fabric belt and nonwoven needle felt filter belt, mainly applicated for paper or nonwoven forming (forming mesh belt), juice squeezing (juice squeezing belt), as well as the general sludge dewatering for municipal sewage treatment, coaling washing slurry dewatering, red mud dehydration from the alumina industry, potash fertilizer production, phosphoric acid production, desulphurization gypsum dewatering, etc.
    The woven filter belt (filter cloth belt, filter mesh belt) from Zonel Filtech adopted the optimized PET/ PP/ PA monofilament, multifilament, as well as the spun yarn then combined with various weaving pattern and sound finish treatment so as to meet the various filtration requirements for different applications and make them always keep the stable and good filtration performance.

  • Cartridge Dust Collectors

    Cartridge Dust Collectors

    The cartridge dust collector with the advanced properties of small size, big air flow volume, high filter efficiency, small investment which are widely used many industrial occasions for dust collection.

    Zonel Filtech can provide the oblique installed filter cartridge dust collectors, vertical installed filter cartridge dust collectors, portable dust collector, silo dust collectors, etc.

    Besides the dust filter machines, Zonel Filtech also provide replacement filter cartridges for cartridge dust collector for both Zonel made and other OEMs, and special size and usage filter cartridge can be customized.

    Welcome to cooperate with Zonel Filtech!
    (How to choose the suitable cartridge dust collector?)

  • Paint spray booth exhaust filter/ Floor filter for spray booth/ Paint arrestor media

    Paint spray booth exhaust filter/ Floor filter for spray booth/ Paint arrestor media

    The glass fiber spray booth filter is a kind of thick glass fiber material, which adopted the fiber glass filament with the nonwoven workmanship make the glass fiber in order with different densities (the green color side is lower density, which is dust air side; the white color side is higher density, which is clean air side), when operating, the friction between the glass fiber paint filter mat and dust air will increase the static so as to make the paint booth air filter always with a perfect filtration performance.
    The thick glass fiber material mainly used for paint spray booth exhaust filter and spray booth floor filter. The pain booth air filter from Zonel filtech with the properties of big air flow, small resistance, big dust load capacity, with a very good filter efficiency for the spray booth paint collection.
    We can offer the paint spray booth filter in roll or cut to different sizes as requested, and also can offer the ready-made filters with different frames, such as cardboard frame, GI frame or the aluminum frame.

  • Absolute rated filter bag / Absolute efficiency filter bag

    Absolute rated filter bag / Absolute efficiency filter bag

    For the traditional designed nonwoven liquid filter bags, as usual the filter efficiency is around 60~70%, which just can be used for some primary filtration, for some high efficiency request occasions is not applicable.

    For breaking this limitation and offer the higher efficiency but economical solutions, Zonel Filtech developed the PPA high efficiency liquid filter bags which is pushes the boundaries of bag filtration technology far beyond traditional designs. The filter bag with the filter efficiency more than 99%, in some measure, we call it absolute rated filter bag.

    The Zonel brand PPA absolute filter bags adopted the micro PP fiber material with multi-layers that made of different density / workmanship filter materials then put them according to the certain order so as to make the filter bags with different micron size and can get the higher filter efficiency as requested accompany with end users liquid filter housings for various applications.

  • Micron Rated Liquid Filter Cloth and Filter Bags

    Micron Rated Liquid Filter Cloth and Filter Bags

    Zonel Filtech was dedicated in micron rated liquid filter bag and filter cloth for many years, the liquid filter material including nonwoven filter felt and woven filter mesh, both filter cloth rolls and ready-made filter bags are available, the micron size from 0.2~1800 can be customized.

    The nonwoven micron rated filter cloth from Zonel Filtech are adopted 100% first grade polyester or polypropylene fibers to needle punched into felt, after some finish treatment according to the standard workmanship so as to make the filter cloth meet the most critical liquid-solid separation needs.

    Zonel Filtech provide both primary liquid filter bags and absolute rated filter bags which are widely used for industrial applications in various plants, such as fine chemical industry, electronic industry, automobile production plants, food and pharmaceutical industries, paper production plants, oil and gas refinery industries, metallurgy industries, etc.

  • Filter bag cage/ Filter bag supporting cage/ Filter bag frame

    Filter bag cage/ Filter bag supporting cage/ Filter bag frame

    When the pulse jet bag filter house operating, the dust air always comes from outside of the filter bags and the purified air will pass through the filter bags then exhaust to the atmosphere, during that time bag filter house always with a positive or negative pressure, so a filter bag cage will be put inside of the filter bag to anti-collapse.

    The filter cage also called dust collector filter cage or filter bag frame, which can be made of galvanized steel, carbon steel with silicon coating, SS 304 or SS316, titanium and so on for different working conditions.

    The filter bag support cage was combined with vertical wires, supporting cages, top cap and bottom caps, as well as the venturi. For reducing the filter bags touch with the supporting rings of the bag supporting cage, we developed the star shaped side view dust collector filter bag cage; for increase the filter area, we developed the pleated filter bags with the relevant pleated filter bag cages.

  • Woven filter fabrics / filter cloth / Filter press cloth

    Woven filter fabrics / filter cloth / Filter press cloth

    Zonel Filtech accumulated abundant experiences on industrial filtrations, such as Mining industries include ore dressing and tailing processing; Fine chemical industries include the chemical solution filtration and the waste water treatment; Municipal sewage treatment/ slurry dewatering; Ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy waste water treatment; electrolysis metal production, etc; Food and pharmaceutical industries(such as the filter fabric for sugar indutries, etc); Building materials and ceramic industries; Dying industries, etc.

    All of these industries will equip the filter machines such as filter presses, belt filters, disc and pan filters, centrifuge filters, drum filters, etc. According to the requirements combined with the properties of the material which need to be filtered, Zonel Filtech developed various kinds of filter fabrics to meet our client’s requirements, mainly have 4 series, i.e. polyester filter fabrics, polypropylene filter fabrics, polyamide filter fabrics and cotton / poly-cotton filter fabrics.
    Any help needed, welcome to send us the inquiry.

  • Air Slide Systems and Air Slide Fabrics

    Air Slide Systems and Air Slide Fabrics

    Air slide systems / pneumatic conveyor system combined with the upper chute, air slide fabrics and lower chute. The pressed air from lower chute pass through the air slide fabrics to fluidize the powdered/granular on the upper chute then make them flowing/conveying to the lower position of the system due to the gravity.

    The fluidizing particles with less abrasion to the system, and the whole system nearly don’t move when it working that make the system very durable and easy to maintenance; also the powders be conveyed in the air tight chute, so they won’t loss when conveying and won’t cause the pollution problem.

    Zonel Filtech provide both air slide chute system and replacement air slide fabrics.
    According to the different materials, the air slide fabrics from us can be divided into the polyester air slide fabric, basalt air slide canvas, Aramid air slide belt / Nomex air slide membrane/ Kavlar air slide cloth. Besides the air slide fabrics, we also provide the super quality air slide hoses.

  • Fiber glass filter fabric and filter bags for dust collection

    Fiber glass filter fabric and filter bags for dust collection

    Zonel brand fiberglass filter fabrics are made of E-fiber glass filament/E-fiber glass bulked yarn with some special finish treatment after the weaving works according to the different working conditions to make the glass fiber filter cloth with a much better flexibility, abrasion resistance and also suitable to be used in some special chemical circumstances besides the high temperature so as to prolong the service life of the fiberglass dust filter bags.

    Zonel Filtech provide both the fiber glass filter fabric rolls and fiberglass ready made dust filter bags, we also offer the free consulting to our clients to help them to get the most suitable fiber glass filter bags for their bag filter houses, as well as the relevant filter bag supporting cages for their glass fiber dust filter bags and the accessories of the purging systems, etc.

    Any help needed from Zonel Filtech, just feel free to send the inquiry!
    Why choose the fiber glass filter bag with PTFE membrane treatment?

  • Liquid filter cartridges

    Liquid filter cartridges

    Besides the S.S. filter houses, Zonel Filtech also provide various replacement filter cartridges for liquid filtration, the micron size, materials, product size, connections of the liquid filter cartridges all can be customized according to different usages.

    The micron rated liquid filter cartridge from Zonel Filtech mainly include PP melt blown filter cartridge series (spun bonded / thermal bonded filter cartridge); phenolic resin bonded filter cartridge, the string wound filter cartridge series (include PP string wound filter cartridge, bleached cotton string wound filter cartridge, fiber glass string wound filter cartridge); the micro pleated filter cartridge series; big flow filter cartridge series.

    The liquid filter cartridges from Zonel Filtech mainly used for pre-filtration of RO, food & beverage filtration, chemicals filtration, pharmaceutical material purification, organic solvent filtration, etc.

    Any liquid filtration cartridges needed, welcome to contact Zonel Filtech!

  • S.S. (Stainless Steel) Filter Housing / SS filter vessels

    S.S. (Stainless Steel) Filter Housing / SS filter vessels

    The stainless-steel (S.S.) filter housing from Zonel Filtech are designed for liquid and gas/steam filtering applications for various industries, these S.S. filter housings can be used for both primary filtration and high purity filtrate handling with different micron rated filter bags or filter cartridges.

    The stainless-steel filter housing can be produced with SS 304 and SS316L, which are widely used for food & medical grade liquid or gas/steam filtration even another corrosive chemicals and high temperature materials filtration. The inner and outer surface of the SS filter housing can be treated with sand blasting or polishing as requested to make the filters with the excellent filtration performance.

    All of the SS filter housings from Zonel Filtech are produced strictly according to standard of GB150.1~150.4-2011, which will be tested thoroughly before the delivery, including the raw material testing, high pressure testing, corrosion testing and so on.

  • Filter Presses

    Filter Presses

    Besides the filter press fabrics and service, Zonel Filtech also can suggest and supply the filter presses according to clients’ solution content and processing circumstances so as to get a best filtration performance but most economical invest, the filter presses can be frame plate filter press, chamber filter press and membrane filter press, which can be designed to total automatic so as to get a simplest way and shortest time to operate.

    Especial the break through on TPE diaphragm technology, filter presses from Zonel with the properties of endurable, stable, universalizable and widely used in various industries.

    Variable filter chamber technology is widely applied on solid-liquid separation in many industries such as chemical, pharmacy, mining, and so on which help to reduce the water content of the filter cake and extremely improved the production efficiency for our clients.

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