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According to the requirements from the coal preparation plants, Zonel Filtech developed several kinds of filter fabrics for the coaling washing process so as to help them to concentrate the coal slurry and purify the wastewater when coal washing processing, the filter fabrics from Zonel Filtech for coal washing works with the properties of: 1. Under the certain filter efficiency with good air and water permeability, very suitable for fine coal slurry concentrating. 2. Smooth surface, easy cake release, reduce the maintenance cost. 3. Not easy to block, so reusable after wash, longer using life. 4. Material can be customized according to different working conditions.
The yeast production is somewhat like farming processing, which includes the procedures of preparation, seeding, cultivation, and harvesting, so getting a proper filter fabric for yeast harvesting is crucial, which will be helpful for the end user to increase the output and reduce the lost so as to make their products much more competitive, also helpful for the pollution control when production. Due to the food grade request, before feeding into the filter presses, the fermentation liquors can not mix with the flocculant, so all the particles have to be blocked by the filter cloths directly, which requires the filter cloth with very high of density and strong enough for press filters.
For improving the air quality for living rooms or the public occasion buildings (theaters, meeting rooms, schools, etc) or some clean rooms for lab in hospital and the other possible places, the filters will be needed. The filters requested to be installed are divided into several grades and installed one after the other, they are primary efficiency air filters, medium-efficiency air filters, and high-efficiency particulate air filters (HEPA). Which may installed one or two or according to different air quality requirements. Zonel Filtech provides sound quality primary filters, medium efficiency pocket air filters, as well as the HEPA filters for air purifying systems, the filter efficiency from G1~U17 all are available, the frame material can be plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, etc. We can customize it according to the client’s requirements.
Zonel Filtech accumulated abundant experiences in industrial filtrations, such as Mining industries including ore dressing and tailing processing; Fine chemical industries including chemical solution filtration and wastewater treatment; Municipal sewage treatment/ slurry dewatering; Ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy wastewater treatment; electrolysis metal production, etc; Food and pharmaceutical industries(such as the filter fabric for sugar industries, etc); Building materials and ceramic industries; Dying industries, etc. All of these industries will equip filter machines such as filter presses, belt filters, disc and pan filters, centrifuge filters, drum filters, etc. According to the requirements combined with the properties of the material that needs to be filtered, Zonel Filtech developed various kinds of filter fabrics to meet our client’s requirements, mainly have 4 series, i.e. polyester filter fabrics, polypropylene filter fabrics, polyamide filter fabrics, and cotton / poly-cotton filter fabrics. If any help is needed, welcome to send us the inquiry.
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