• Polyimide/ P84 needle felt filter cloth/ P84 filter bags

    Polyimide/ P84 needle felt filter cloth/ P84 filter bags

    When the temperature of the dust air more than 250 degree C and the dust can not be collected through ESP, then as usual we have to reduce the temperature of the dust air and make it possible to be purified through bag type dust collectors, but the investment will increase much when this happen.

    Due to the fiber glass is fragile and PTFE fiber with a higher heat shrinkage and weak cohesion, for meeting the high filter efficiency, both of them need to be laminated with PTFE membrane, which will increase the resistance of the bag filter houses and lower the air/cloth ratio of course, so the polyimide filter cloth (can be P84 filter cloth, PI needle felt, Yilun filter cloth) will become to the first option.

    Polyimide (P84 needle felt filter cloth, PI filter cloth, Yilun needle felt) fiber with the properties of good high temperature resistance, acid resistance and inflammable, the tri-leaves structure of the fiber helps the polyimide needle felt filter cloth with a larger filter surface and with a much higher filter efficiency.

  • The Dust Filter Bags

    The Dust Filter Bags

    Dust Filter Bags / filter sleeves is the key part of the bag style dust collectors (bag filter houses), which widely used in many industrial occasions for air pollution control, such as cement plants, thermal power plants, food processing plants, pharmaceutical plants, metallurgy plants, fertilizer plants and chemical plants, etc.

    The dust filter bags from Zonel Filtech are made from various filter cloths with sound finish treatment according to different working conditions. The bag size, shape, sewn material, sealing rings all can be customized professionally.

    Besides the dust filter bags, Zonel Filtech also can offer the free consulting service for our clients and help them to improve the performance of their bag filter houses.

    Any help needed, welcome to contact Zonel Filtech!

  • Palm oil filter materials and filter machines

    Palm oil filter materials and filter machines

    Zonel Filtech offer various filter material for crude palm oil filtration which equipped on many kind of the filter machines, the palm oil filter material mainly adopted for:
    1. For filter press machine
    Zonel Filtech developed the PA66 and PET/PBT monofilament anti-static filter fabrics for chamber filter press machine to the crude palm oil filtration.
    The properties of the palm oil filter fabrics:
    Food grade; anti-static (the antistatic palm oil filter cloth which won’t generate the static sparks, with safe production); smooth surface and easy cake release; high tensile strength and abrasion resistance, stable size, durable. The filter press filter fabrics for palm oil filtration is quite popular in the market, any help needed for palm oil filter cloth, welcome to send us the inquiry!
    2. For SS bag filter housing

  • Para-aramid filter fabric / Kevlar filter cloth and filter bags

    Para-aramid filter fabric / Kevlar filter cloth and filter bags

    Zonel Filtech developed the para-aramid filter cloth (Kevlar filter fabric) / filter bags for candle filters which widely used for Raney Nickel collection in reactor for BDO production (ethyne method, as the BDO reactor filter bag or BDO catalyst filter bag) process, etc.

    The BDO production process is that acetylene and formaldehyde pass through the catalyst (Raney nickel catalyst) slurry layer in countercurrent, and react at 93°C, 0.1 MPa with the catalyst.
    The stirrer and the acetylene gas entering from the lower part of the reactor can keep the catalyst in suspension.