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The filter belt for phosphoric acid filtration with wet processing

phosphoric acid filter belt

General introduction:
The wet processing workmanship for phosphoric acid production with the properties of most mature on technology, most economical method, which is the most popular workmanship for phosphoric acid producing.
No matter the method of DH, HH-DH, DH-HH, HH, for getting the clean phosphoric acid; get the high P2O5 collection rate, most factories will equip the vacuum filters with vertical washing system to separate the phosphoric acid with the solid particles, the filters can be rubber belt vacuum filters, disc filters and pan filters, etc.
The filter system is one of the most complex construction and most expensive equipment for the phosphoric acid plants, how to get a higher working efficiency of the filters which is crucial for the phosphoric acid output, P2O5 collection rate and quality, as the heart of the filters, the filter fabrics/filter belt playing a very import role of course.
When well understood the requirements from the phosphoric acid plants, accumulated abundant experiences for phosphoric acid production, as well as compared relevant filter fabrics in the market, Zonel Filtech developed a special filter fabric/filter belt for rubber belt vacuum filters in phosphoric acid applications.

Properties of the filter belt for phosphoric acid filtration usage:
1.The material of the filter belt is acid resistance, stable and strong construction, equal tensile strength and air permeability.
2.With special S.S. clipper connection, the belt never broken from the joint part.
3.Good air permeability / water permeability, high filter efficiency, dryer the cake.
4.Smooth surface, easy to wash and regeneration, not easy to be blocked.
5.Easy installing and maintenance, durable.

For the solid and liquid separation when phosphoric acid production.


Relevant specification of the phosphoric acid filter belt:

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