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Pulse Jet Bag Filter Housing

The pulse jet bag filter housing is one of the main products of Zonel Filtech, which combined with main filter housing (include the filter bag, filter bag supporting cage, bag tube sheet, tank and hopper, dust discharger, etc), purging system (include press air tank, air bag, pulse jet valve, blow pipe, etc), fan system (include fan with motor, silencer, etc), control system (PLC control) and so on.

Zonel Filtech can help to design bag filter housing according to the work circumstance in client’s side, also can help them to design the layout of the suction pipe so as to guarantee the whole filter systems will with a perfect performance.

The bag filter housing offering include the normal bag filter housing, high temperature bag filter housing, anti-explode bag filter housing, silo bag filter housing, etc. Any help needed, welcome to contact Zonel Filtech!
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Bag type dust collector
The pulse jet bag filter housing for industrial dust collection, high temperature resistance, anti-explode.
Filter Press Filter Fabric
  • Dust bag filter housing
    Dust bag filter housing
    The pulse jet bag filter housing for industrial dust collection, high temperature resistance, anti-explode.
  • Dust bag filter housing
    Dust bag filter housing
    The bag type dust filter housing for Silo.
  • Dust bag filter housing
    Dust bag filter housing
    Filter bag supporting cages_S.S. material with venturi
  • Dust bag filter housing
    Dust bag filter housing
    Filter bag supporting cage_carbon steel with organic silicon coating, with venturi
  • Dust bag filter housing
    Dust bag filter housing
    The top and bottom caps, venturi for the filter supporint cage
  • Dust bag filter housing
    Dust filter bags for bag filter housing
    Dust filter bags for bag filter housing
  • Dust bag filter housing
    Dust bag filter housing
    Filter bag supporting cages_S.S. material with star rings design
Filter bag housing for dust collection

General introduction of the bag filter house
The bag filter houses nearly used in most of the industries to help to reduce the dust pollution, suitable for high air flow, high moisture, high temperature, corrosive occasions, etc. Can handle some very complex working circumstance, easy maintenance, and long service life, higher filter speed and lower emissions, which is backbone of the industrial filters especial for some big air volume design.

The properties of the bag filter houses:
1.Suitable for complex dust air circumstance, such as high air flow, high moisture, high temperature, corrosive occasions, etc.
2.easy maintenance, and long service life, higher filter speed and lower emissions.
3.With the optimal designed pulse jet purging system make the clean works easy and perfect.
4.Can design according to the customer requirements.
5.Fast delivery.

for dut air processing at Power plants, metal processing, mining, cement industries, ceramic industries, carbon black industries, pharmaceutical industries, food processing industries, chemical plants, metallurgy industries, hot air spray industries, rubber industries, battery industries, mixing plants, and other powder processing occasions, etc.
We can customize the filter bag housing according to the given material.

The typical parameters:
Dust filter bags

Dust Filter Bags / filter sleeves is the key part of the bag style dust collectors (bag filter houses), which widely used in many industrial occasions for air pollution control, such as cement plants, thermal power plants, food processing plants, pharmaceutical factories, metallurgy plants, fertilizer plants and chemical plants, etc.
Zonel Filtech can provide various dust filter bags for pulse jet bag filter houses and reverse air blown bag filter houses, or some other designed filters.
The dust filter bags from Zonel Filtech are made from various fibers with various finish treatment according to different working condition of the bag filter houses in different industrial occasions.
The sound designed dust filter bags or dust collector bags sometimes we called are very efficient and offer long-lasting excellent functionality and the emission much lower than electrostatic dust filters and always can meet the emission requirements of the clients. The advantages of dust collector filter bags:
1. Low maintenance cost.
2. High filter efficiency.
3. Not affected by the composition of the dust air.

The dust filter bags made of different materials, mainly as following:

A.Acrylic homopolymer dust filter bag:
Acrylic dust filter bags
Acrylic homopolymer dust filter bag are made of acrylic needle felt, which with a mainly advantages of hydorlysis resistant.
Continuous service temperature: 125 degree C.
Instant peaks: 140 degree C.

B.Antistatic dust filter bag :

Some industrial dust will blast once met the static discharge if the flammable and combustible materials' content comes to a certain extent, which will bring the explosion and fire, especial easily to happen when collect the dust in flour mills, chemical plants and coal industies, etc.So in the dedusting application of this case, the dust should be collected with special dust bags which are anti-static.
Zonel Filtech absorbed the advanced technologies and developed the anti-static needle felts and woven cloths which can meet the special demands of the dust collection of blast furnace gas and coal gas in the cement industry, etc.

C. Aramid dust filter bags:
Nomex/aramid filter bags for dust collection
In normal temperature circumstance(under 150 C), the polyester needle felt will satisfy the bag filter systems, if the temperature on the high side, such as tail gas/fume/dust from metallurgical plant, carbon black plant, iron works(blast furnace gas), cement plant (tail gas from cement kiln), petroleum fumes from mixing round the beton and asphaltum, coal fired boiler, etc, the normal filter method won't work. The reason as following:
1. be restricted by specific resistance, the electronic filter system won't works, so the bag filter system is the first choice for dust/fume removal.
2.if the user try to reduce the temperature(made it under 150 C), which will increase the investment and also be restricted by field.
3. just because there may contain some material such as sulfur in the gas/fume, the acid dew will exist. Aramid needle felt, besides equip the ability of spinnability, abrasion resistance, they also with the ability of high temperature resistance, flame resistance, infusibility. The fiber won't self-ignite, when the temperature up to 400 C, the aramid fiber will carbonization gradually. Besides, aramide fiber also with a good dimensional stability, long service life.

D.P84 dust collector bags :
Polyimide/P84 dust filter bags
P84(PI-polyimide) fiber with the properties of high temperature resistance and inflammable, the tri-leaf structure of the fiber help the polyimide needle felt filter cloth with a much lager filter surface when compare to the filter cloth with the other fibers, so the P84 filter cloth is a perfect material and it always can meet very good filter efficiency.

E.Polyester (PET) dust filter bags :
Polyester dust filter bag
Polyester dust filter bags made of polyester needle felt filter cloth, which adopt the sound needle punching nonwoven workmanship, with the properties of stable physical dimension, easy cake release, good air permeability, widely used for industrial dust collection and liquid filtration, etc.
After water-oil repelled treatment, which can be used as the filter media in the circumstance contain the moisture and oil mist for a long time.
We also can finish them with PTFE membrane, which will with the properties of smooth surface, easy cake release, high filter efficiency, save energy, long life, etc. Mainly applications:
1. Chemicals processing: dryers, bin vents, and nuisance dust collectors in the pigment, plastic, and catalyst industries.
2. Minerals processing: finish mills, raw mills, bulk pneumatic conveying, and bin-vent dust collectors.
3. Metals processing: process-venting dust collectors in the lead, lead oxide, and iron and steel industries. Pulverized-coal injection systems, fume and bulk handling systems in coke production and sand-reclamation systems in foundries.
4. Power generation and Incineration: material handling for coal and limestone.

F.Water and Oil Resistant dust collector bags:
Polyester dust filter bag
After water-oil repelled treatment, the filter bags can be use in the circumstance of moisture and oil mist for a long time, so which is not easy to be blocked even if there is any dew points in the bag filter house.

G.Filter Bags with PTFE Membrane laminated.
Polyester dust filter bag
These dust collector filer bags are employed in all the dust collector applications. The expanded PTFE Membrane permits more air to pass through the filter media while trapping particles on the surface. Using this form of dust collector filter bags engineers can reduce capital and operational costs. Use of this style of dust collector filer bags also present a degree of protection from the unknown and indirect-able changes that sometimes occur during bag house operations.

H.Glass fiber / FMS filter bags:
fiber glass blended dust collector bags
Fiber glass needle punched felt is a reasonable new type of filter media used for fiber bags in high temperature circumstance, which with the properties of three dimensional cellular structure, with a high hold rate, low air resistance, the filter efficiency will superior than woven filter fabrics can up to 99.9%, with a high filter velocity will the two times when compare with other normal woven filter fabrics, this fabrics widely used in carbon plant, chemical plant, metallurgical plant, coal fired boiler, etc. Fiber glass needle felt applicable to the pulse jet bag filter system, high temperature and corrosion resistance, with good performance for manage the industrial dust pollution, and recycle the valuable particles.
Fiber glass blend with other high temperature resistance fiber needle felt, we called FMS. FMS is a good high temperature resistance filter fabrics, this fabrics mainly made by 5.5 micron diameter glass fiber blend with P84 (polyimide), aramid(Nomex), PPS (ryton) fiber, with the three dimensional cellular structure, low air resistance, especial blend with P84 which with leaf style fiber, can increase the filter surface (80%), so easy to collect the dust, increase the fiber cohesion, can accept the high wind speed (50% higher about 1~1.4m/min), and also with the properties of abrasion resistance. This kind of fabrics widely used in metallurgical plant, chemical plant, coal fired boiler, incinerator, cement plant for dust collector or smoke filtration in high temperature circumstance.

I. Poly-P-Phenylene Sulfide(PPS) dust filter bags
PPS needle felt filter bag for dust collection
PPS is one of the best filter materials with the properties of anti -acid, anti-alkali, hydrolysis resistant, but it is not so good at anti –oxidant. Mainly be applied in waste incinerators, electric station boiler, industrial boiler, etc.
Zonel Filter provide PPS needle felt for dust collecting in cement plants, iron and steel plants, power plants, chemical plants, etc, the weight from 400g/sqm to 750 g/sqm can be customized.

J. PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) Needle Punched Filter Felt
PTFE needle felt filter bag for dust collection
PTFE filter material also called Teflon,with a good performance in the temperature of 260 centigrade,the instant temperature can up to 280 centigrade. PTFE is a special material with a good alkali and acid resistance,anti-hydrolysis,stable physical dimension, mainly used in coal burning boiler,waste incineration,carbon black producing,Tio2 producing for fume treatment or dust collection, as well as some high temperature or some corrosive liquid filtration.
Filter bag supporting cages for pulse jet bag filter housing from Zonel Filtech

Stainless steel filter bag supporing cages

The introduction of the filter bag cage:
The filter bag cages are designed to use accompany with the filter bags in bag filter houses, which be inserted into the filter bags for anti-collapse when filtering, so the good quality filter bags cages can hep to prolong the filter bag life and reduce the maintenance times for bag filter houses.

Stainless steel filter bag supporing cages

The properties of the filter bag cage from Zonel Filtech:
1.the material for choice are various, such as galvanized steel wire, carton steel with organ silicon coating, S.S. 304, S.S. 316L, etc.
2.the filter bag cages can be customized according to the customer’s requirements on the following points:
round/column (the rings can be designed with round and stars shape), square, and other shape.
Wire size available: 3.0~5.0 mm, special required can be customized.
Diameter mainly from 100~220 mm, special required can be customized.
Wire number available from 8~24 pcs.
Various design on top cap, bottom cap, venture, connection for multiple pieces, etc can be customized according to clients’ requirements.

carbon steel filter bag supporting cage with organic silicon coating

Zonel Filtech provide fully supports on filter cage design and installation directions, the cages are well welded, smooth surface, carefully quality checking, offer fully good quality guarantee. We also offer the consultant service for the whole bag filter house problem solutions, any help needed, just feel free to contact Zonel Filtech!

The newly designed star rings supporting cages can be made of galvanized steel and stainless steel, with the properties of:
Bag shape change little when working, reduce the effect by purging.
Reduce the possibility to crash directly by the dust air from the inlet.
Increase the filter area, save the space.
Make the filter bags easy to purging, and prolong the service life.

Galvanized filter bag supporting cages

The main accessories of bag filter houses.

The accessories of the filter bag supporting cages

Top and bottom caps, venturi of the filter bag supporting cages

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