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PTFE staple fiber, PTFE filament, PTFE scrim for needle felt production



Zonel Filtech provides pure PTFE staple fibers (PTFE fiber or Polytetrafluoroethylene Fiber), PTFE filament, PTFE scrim, and so on specially designed for filter materials production, such as PTFE needle felt, PTFE woven filter fabrics, etc.
The PTFE staple fiber from Zonel Filtech is produced with 100% PTFE white resin materials;
Suitable continuous operating temperature is between -210 degrees C to 260 degrees C;
Excellent chemical resistance;
Low shrinkage;
Hydrolysis resistance;
Slow degeneration, durable.

The technical parameters of the PTFE staple fibers:

Specification( Denier) Length(mm) Tensile strength(CN/Denier) Shrinkage
2-4D 50/70 3.0 <3.0%
3-5D 50/70 3.0 <3.0%

PTFE filament

Application as following:

PTFE scrim production;

PTFE woven fabrics weaving;

PTFE filter fabrics production;

PTFE sewing thread.

The technical specification of the PTFE filament:

Density (Dtex) Length per kg (m) Tensile strength (N) Shrinkage @240oC.30min
550 18000 ≥17 <3.0%

For needle felt filter cloth production, such as for PTFE scrim, P84 scrim, and PPS scrim.Properties:
Which is helps to strengthen the needle-felt filter cloth, so as to make the needle felt filter cloth with higher tensile strength;
Improve the corrosive resistance of the PTFE scrim-supported filter cloth;
Also can help to find an economical solution for the filter materials, but also can guarantee excellent filtration performance.

The technical specification of the PTFE scrim:

Weight (g/m3) Density (Dtex) Thread count (warpweft]) (ends/10cm) Tensile strength (warp*weft)(N/5cm)
140 550 Dtex 120*120 ≥800*800
150 550 Dtex 170*80 ≥950~600
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