As we know, for choosing the suitable filter fabrics, we have to combine the solution data together with filter fabrics.

If the density of the filter cloth is too high, which may cause the output less and effect the capacity of the filter press, that may lead to cannot get the filter cake with the certain moisture content at the certain time, some even can not get the cake and always be slurry state.

If the density of the filter fabric is too low, which may cause the leaking problem of course.

While when we choose the suitable filter fabric, but why as usual the filtrate still dirty at the beginning when we replaced the new filter fabric? And this phenomenon is many happening especially for some fine particles solution treatment.

That because at the first stage, the filter material only can collect the particles with the size bigger than their open size, so the smaller particles will pass by and the filtrate is dirty, which need to return back to the feeding circulate.

But when more and more particles be collected, there will be exist a cake layer between the new fed solution and the filter fabric which can help for filtration, this phenomenon we called bridge filtration or cake filtration. After a short time, the filtrate will clean, always can get the proper filter cake as requested.

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Post time: Jan-06-2022