Why choose the fiber glass filter bag with PTFE membrane treatment?

The reasons to choose the fiber glass filter bag with PTFE membrane treatment:
1. the high tensile strength:
The tensile strength of the fiber glass filter fabric is more than 4000N/50mm as usual, which is much higher than chemical fiber filter materials and the blended filter materials, that is very suitable for the long filter bags sewing.

2. Anti-corrosion
Fiber glass filter bag can keep a good performance in the circumstance of acid and alkali (except the hydrofluoric acid and strong phosphoric acid).

3. Stable size:
Under the high temperature (280~300 degree C), the elongation of the filter bag not exceed 2%, this property means they are suitable for the long filter bags sewing, and they won’t change the shape under the high temperature (280~300 degree C).

4. After some special treatment, with a very good water and oil repellent, easy cake release.

5. Anti-hydrolysis.

6. High temperature resistance, can work continuously understand temperature of 260-degree C.

7. Great Oxidant resistant, break the limitation of the PPS fiber in some extreme circumstance (acid and alkali) but no need to concern much on the oxygen content.

8. Lower price.

9. High filter efficiency:
The fiber glass filter fabric with PTFE membrane treatment, the open size is lower than 1 micron, most of the particles only can touch with the membrane and can’t insert into the filter fabrics, not easy to be blocked and with a higher service life; at the meantime, the fiber glass with PTFE membrane treatment, the filter efficiency can up to 99.999%, can meet the strict emission requirements.

Post time: Jan-27-2022