Zonel Filtech focusing on help our client to improve the dust collector maintenance works always, and sometimes get the questions from the clients’ that why the dust filter bags always broken from the bottom part? Zonel Filtech offer some analyzation as following:
1. If broken from the reinforcement part:
A. If the broken direction is from inner side to outer side of the filter bags, that’s mean the bottom of the cage is too small, as usual the bottom caps of the cage always smaller than the cage body, but should not exceed 5mm.
B. If the broken direction is from outer side to inner side, or just the outside of the reinforcement filter bags are broken and make the sewing thread broken and drop the bottom, then the possibility are many, but mainly are following 3:
a. The distance of the holes in bag tube sheet are too small. Normally if the length of the filter bags not exceed 8 meters, the distance between the edge to edge of the holes in the bag tube sheet at the length direction of the blowing pipe request 40~80mm, longer the bag, bigger the holes distance; at the vertical direction of the blowing pipe need to be even bigger.
Or when purging the filter bags, the filter bag will shaking, if the distance is too small, the bottoms of the filter bags very easy to touch with each other and broken sooner.
From standard, the distance from hole center to hole center is 1.5times of the diameter of the filter bags, while when operating, for save the cost and space, the designer always arrange the smaller distance, if so, short bag is fine, but when bag is long, this problem easy to be happen espciall the bag tube sheet or cages have any tolerances.
b. Whether the bag tube sheet is strong enough, i.e. the bag tube sheet shape is not easy to be changed, because normally flat tolerance not exceed 2/1000 to the length of the bag tube sheet, or the filter bags bottom very easy to touch with each other, and easy to broken.
c. Whether the cage is straight enough. The shape changed cage will make the bag bottom touch with other filter bags, so easy to broken.

2. If the bottom round sheet is broken, i.e. the bottom itself broken. The reasons mainly 2:
A. Whether the air inlet is from the dust hopper?
If yes, please check whether the air inlet speed is too fast;
whether the dust air is crash to the bottom directly;
whether the particle size is too big (if yes, the cyclone may needed); whether inlet part installed the air leading set, etc.
B. the bottom very easy broken when the dust accumulated too much in the hopper, espeically when these DC designed with the manually clean the hopper but hot clean on time always or auto designed but the discharge system broken, if so the dust in hopper may touch with the bottom of the filter bags, if the dust is high temperature particles, which will lead the bottom sheet of the filter bags broken faster; also in this condition, the bottom of the filter bags very easy to crash by vortex, the air and coarse dust crash the bag bottom time to time, then easy broken.

Post time: Dec-07-2021