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Jan 27, 2022
The reasons to choose the fiber glass filter bag with PTFE membrane treatment: the high tensile strength: The tensile strength of the fiber glass filter fabric is more than 4000N/50mm as usual, which is much higher than chemical fiber filter materials and the blended filter materials, which is very suitable for the long filter bags sewing. Anti-corrosion Fiber glass filter bag can keep a good performance in the circumstance of acid and alkali (except hydrofluoric acid and strong phosphoric acid).
Jan 27, 2022
The properties of the filter cloth with PTFE membrane laminated. better filter efficiency The PTFE membrane with a cross micro open size can filter very tiny dust (fume), especially good for ultra-fine dust collection, and lower emission. lower resistance The filter cloth with PTFE membrane which collects the dust is a kind of surface filtration, the surface is smooth which is very good for bag purging works, so it’s not easy to block or even filter the ultra-tiny dust and wet dust, so the average resistance is lower when compared to the normal filter materials.
Jan 27, 2022
The air pollutants from cement production and the relevant solutions. The air pollutants from cement production mainly are dust and flue gas. The dust mainly comes from the following procedures: 1. the raw materials preparation A.CaCO3 crush. B.Clay drying C.Coal grinding and feeding. D. Raw meals grinding.
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