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Dec 7, 2021
Zonel Filtech focuses on helping our clients improve the dust collector maintenance works, and sometimes get questions from the clients’ about why the dust filter bags always break from the bottom part. Zonel Filtech offers some analysis as follows:
Aug 28, 2021
The air slide chute systems were equipped many in cement plants for cement and raw meal transferring due to their advantages of: A.without moving accessories, safe operating and save energy; B.Simple construction, easy maintenance; C.Big capacity for powder transferring;
Apr 23, 2021
When respect to the filter housing/ filter vessel, with different working conditions, the material adopted may be different, such as SS304, SS316L, etc. When filtering some normal corrosive liquids or some solutions that need to be specially taken care of, as usual, we suggest to use SS316L for safety.
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