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Why Air Slide Chute Easy To Be Blocked In Cement Plants?


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The air slide chute systems were equipped many in cement plants for cement and raw meal transferring due to their advantages of:
A.without moving accessories, safe operating and save energy;
B.Simple construction, easy maintenance;
C.Big capacity for powder transferring;
D.Easy to change the transferring directions;
E.Lower noise, etc.

But if operating improperly, which may easy to be blocked, following will list several main reasons for the block problems with the relevant solutions for reference:

1.The screen problem in cement mills
If the screen edges are not sealed well, or the screen broken, or the cement clinker slag can not release completely, then the small iron slag may possible to mix with the powder from the cement mills, then these slag may stay at the top of the air slide fabrics, which will reduce the moving speed of the fluidized media, if still operating with the same capacity as normal, the powder thickness will be higher or fluidized material density will increase, which will effect the air sliding performance, and block the air slide chute.
When this air slide problem happened, we have to check the screens of the cement mills, repair or change the screen if needed.
Also can install a slag remover set before the feeding mouth of the air slide system.

2.The higher moisture problem
As usual, we suggest the powder moisture content not exceed 2%.
Because when the moisture content higher, the powder may become to sticky, when stop the operating, the condensation may happen and cause the block problem.
Solution: control the moisture content of the material to mills, start the milling works have to according to the operating introduction, the cooling water for the mill tank have to wait for several minutes after the air slide system operated; the sealing for the cooling water have to be controlled strictly in case any leakage.

3.The air slide fabrics broken
When the air slide fabrics broken, the pressed air will be sprayed out from the broken part, then the powder can not move forwarder, which will cause the whole air slide system failure.
Solution: change the broken air slide fabrics.

4.Air slide chute not sealing well
When the air slide chute not sealing well and leak much air when operating, the compressed air from compressed air chamber may can not fluidize the powder need to be air slide, which may cause the air slide chute clogged/blocked.
Solution: weld the air slide chute well if broken or use rubber or other sealing material to seal the leak parts; at the mean time, the feed mouth have to use the air tight feeding set so as to reduce the air leakage problem.

5.Obliquity problem of the air slide chute
When the position of the material need to be transported have some limitation or for reducing the investment, the obliquity of the air slide chute may designed with lower degrees, at this condition, the fluidized powder may flow slower, when the powder density increase some, or the air volume or air pressured reduced some, which may block the air slide chute.
Basically, the air slide chute obliquity adopted between 4%~18%, but experiences shown that when the obliquity increase 1%, the flow capacity will increase 20%, which can help to reduce the block problem.
Also when the particle size bigger some, the material more sticky, moisture content higher, transfer distance longer, then the obliquity value may need to choose even higher.

6.The upper chute not release the air timely
When the compressed air is pass from the air slide fbric is too much as design, and the compressed air above the fluidized materials can not release timely, the upper air slide chute may operating at a state of positive pressure and increase the resistance of the compressed air supplying, the powder may can not be fluidized efficiently, which will make the air slide chute blocked gradually.
For solve this problem, the destination end of the air slide chute have to connect with the dust filter systems or connect with several filter bags, and upper chute need to install some air release holes and sealed with filter materials.
Also if the air slide fabric quality is not good, then air pressure lost value can not meet as the design or request, then the block problem will happen, then we need to choose the super quality air slide fabrics to gaurantee the great air slide performance!

For convenience to find and solve the block problem timely, we suggest to install some alarm sets at air slide chutes, which can connected with the mill system, when block happen on the air slide chute, alarm light on with alarm sound, and mills stop working, then we can get the problem timely and solve problem faster.

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