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How To Choose A Suitable Cartridge Dust Collector?


How to choose a suitable cartridge dust collector?

As usual, for choosing a suitable cartridge dust collector, we need the following information:

  1. the dust air content information:
    A. For what kind of processing? Such as polishing dust collection, welding fume removal, break mills dust filter, etc.
    B. What’s the solid particle material? Such as steel powder, copper powder, aluminum powder, welding fume, fiber glass powder, sugar powder, etc.
    C. What’s the size of the particles (microns)?
    D. How many grams of the solid particles in dust air per CBM?
    E. Any corrosive material included?

F. How about the moisture content?
G. How about the operating temperature?

  1. airflow volume defines, if not available, please offer:
    A. The dust collector is installed in-house or out-of-house?

If in house, what’s the room size?
B. How many suction points and how about the operating platform size respectively?
C. And how about the size of the suction hood and how about the air pipe size?

  1. electricity/power define:
    A. What’s the voltage?
    B. What’s the frequency of the electricity?
    C. How many phases of electricity are adopted?
    Then Zonel Filtech will offer the design accordingly.

Any further information needed, please feel free to contact Zonel Filtech!

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