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How To Choose The Filter Bags For Bag Houses In Cement Plants?


In the current economic situation, all industries around the world facing the big challenge that saving energy and reducing emissions, the cement industry as one of the main dust air sources always on the way to finding better filtration solutions, which is helpful for us to get a good environment, also can collect much cement dust and save much cost.

Besides the design of the industrial bag filter house for cement plants, the cement dust filter bags as the key parts of the filter bag housing always play a big role for the daily maintenance in cement plants, so how to choose a suitable filter bag for cement production which with the most competitive price but excellent performance is very important!

For each cement plant, nearly every production procedure will make much dust air, and the bag filter houses for different procedures may be different, the bag filter housing is mainly located at:
Raw meal preparing workshop (cement raw meal filter bag), coal mills (coal mill filter bags), tail and head of the kiln (cement kiln filter bag), alkali bypass (bypass dust air filter bag), clinker cooler location (clinker cooler filter bag), cement mills (cement mill filter bag), packing workshop (cement packing filter bags), etc.

Zonel Filtech is one of the most professional cement filter bag factories and dedicated to cement filter bags for many years, we can provide a full range of dust filter bags for cement dust collection, besides the normal condition filter bags, also including cement kiln high-temperature resistance filter bags ( Nomex filter bags, fiberglass filter bags for cement kiln, etc), mainly as follows:

The different procedure with different filter bags for choice mainly as following:
A. filter bags for kiln-/raw mill in cement plant: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.
B. filter bags for alkali bypass in cement plant: 5, 6, 7, or some blended.
C. filter bags for coal mill in cement plant: 2, 8 with antistatic.
D. filter bags for clinker cooler in cement plant: 1, 3, 5.
E. filter bags for cement finish mill: 1, 2.

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