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Why Some Filter Bags/ Filter Cartridges Need Water And Oil Repellent Treatment?


Why some filter bags/ filter cartridges need water and oil repellent treatment?

We always receive questions from the end users of the dust collectors as that why the filter bags/filter cartridges need to make the finish treatment of water oil repellent.

The answer is that for some filtration circumstances, this treatment will improve the performance and prolong the service life of the dust filter bags/dust filter cartridges.

Generally speaking, following situation we consider it easy to dewing:

1. Temperature lower than 80 degrees centigrade;
2. Moisture content more than 8% ;
3. The bag filter house does not work continuously (24h/7d);
4. have the acid material in the dust air

When the dust collector operates below the dew point temperature, while unfortunately the filter bags/filter cartridges are without water &oil repellent, the dust will mix with the dew and glued on the surface of the dust filter bags/dust filter cartridges, so that will make the filter bags blocked and increase the resistance sharply in the filter houses, so the filter capacity will turn lower and energy consumption will increase obviously, which sure will reduce the service life of the filter elements obviously as well.

Moreover, once there is some acid material exist in the dust air that enter into the filter houses (bag filter housing or cartridge filter housing, the same situation), which will increase the dew point temperature, if the filter bags/filter cartridges without water and oil repellent, which very easy to be blocked, also when the acid dew absorbed by the filter materials, that will make the filter materials degeneration faster and reduce the service life of the filter elements.

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