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Jan 25, 2022
Why some filter bags/ filter cartridges need water and oil repellent treatment? We always receive questions from the end users of the dust collectors as that why the filter bags/filter cartridges need to make the finish treatment of water oil repellent. The answer is that for some filtration circumstances, this treatment will improve the performance and prolong the service life of the dust filter bags/dust filter cartridges. Generally speaking, following situation we consider it easy to dewing:
Jan 25, 2022
How to choose a suitable cartridge dust collector? As usual, for choosing a suitable cartridge dust collector, we need the following information: the dust air content information: A. For what kind of processing? Such as polishing dust collection, welding fume removal, break mills dust filter, etc. B. What’s the solid particle material? Such as steel powder, copper powder, aluminum powder, welding fume, fiber glass powder, sugar powder, etc. C. What’s the size of the particles (microns)? D. How many grams of the solid particles in dust air per CBM? E. Any corrosive material included?
Jan 25, 2022
What filter bags is suitable for asphalt mixing stations for dust/fume collection? For keeping the road building works continuous, the asphalt temperature always kept at a higher side, so how to choose the filter bag for the asphalt concrete mixer is very crucial.
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