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Medium-High Temperature Resistance Dust Filter Material

Medium-high temperature resistance filter media from Zonel Filtech which is a needle-punched felt filter material series for dust collection. The series is suitable for the operating circumstance with a continuous temperature not exceeding 204 degrees centigrade and a maximum instant temperature not exceeding 220 degree centigrade, during the temperature area, Zonel Filtech can help you to define the most suitable filter material for your dust bag filter houses.

Zonel Filtech can provide both needle-felt filter cloth rolls and ready-made filter bags, the materials include Aramid/Nomex needle-felt filter cloth and filter bags with various finish treatments; PPS/Ryton needle felt filter cloth and filter bag with various finish treatments.

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Aramid / Nomex needle felt filter cloth for dust filter bags sewing; Nomex dust filter bags

General introduction of the aramid (Nomex) needle-felt filter cloth:
The Aramid fiber for filter media is also called Aramid fiber 1313 in China, and Nomex® is one kind of aramid fiber produced by Dupont®.
Aramid (Nomex) filter bags are mainly installed in the bag filter house with a temperature between 130 ~ 220 degrees C, a suitable PH value between 5~9, widely used in the steel industry, carbon black industry, construction industry and power industry.

Relevant specification for the aramid (Nomex) needle felt:
Material: aramid (Nomex) fiber, supported with aramid (Nomex) scrim/fabric.
Weight: 350~650g/sq.m
Operation Temperature: Continues: ≤204℃; Peaks: 220℃
Surface treatment: singed & glazed, heat set, water and oil repellent, PTFE suspension bath, PTFE membrane.
We can customize the products according to the requirements of the clients!

The properties of the aramid / Nomex filter media:
1. High temperature resistance:
Recommended continuous operation temperature: ≤204 degrees C (for getting a longest service life, the continuous operation temperature suggests not exceeding 180 degrees C); instant peaks: 220 degrees C.
2. Stable size under high temperature after heat setting treatment: at 220 degrees C, the shrinkage does not exceed 1%.
3. Fireproof.
4. Good abrasion and folding resistance.
5. Cheaper price when compared to other heat-resistant filter cloths.
6. Long service life.

Main applications of the aramid / Nomex filter bags:
1. Chemicals Industries: Dryer bag filter houses in the pigment, plastic, catalyst, and carbon black plants, etc.
2. Minerals Industries: Dryer bag houses in the gypsum and clinker cooler bag houses, etc.
3. Metallurgy Industries: High-temperature process collectors for lead oxide and electric arc furnace bag houses in the iron works, etc.
4. Power Generation and Incineration: Fly ash handling collectors.
5. Building material Industries: handle the tail gas from vertical kilns of cement plants (filter bags for cement plant), the dust air from the asphalt mixing plant, etc.

1. Special specifications can be customized.
2. maximum width:2.25meters.
3. both filter cloth rolls and filter bags are available from Zonel Filtech.

PPS needle felt for dust filter bags sewing/ PPS dust filter bags

General introduction of the PPS filter cloth:
PPS PPS (polyphenylene sulfide, Ryton®, Procon®) is one of the best filter materials with the properties of high-temperature resistance, anti-acid, anti-alkali, hydrolysis resistant, etc, PPS filter bags are mainly used for removing dust air which includes some acid or alkali materials under the high temperature, such as the thermal power plants boils gas cleaning, waste incinerators fume removal, etc.
Zonel Filtech adopted the first-grade PPS fiber (polyphenylene sulfide, Ryton®, Procon®) with fine needle punching processing and surface treatment, chemical treatment, etc, to make the filter bags durable and can meet various filtration requirements from clients in different industries.
Zonel Filtech researched and developed a new type of PPS filter bag, without a PTFE membrane, can control the emission much less than 20 mg/Nm3, at the same air/cloth ratio, the resistance lower 40% at least, can help the client to save the bag house space, save the purging power, also can help to prolong the service life of the filter bags.

Relevant specifications for the PPS needle felt:
Material: PPS (polyphenylene sulfide, Ryton®, Procon®) fiber, supported with PPS PPS (polyphenylene sulfide, Ryton®, Procon®) scrim
Operation Temperature: Continues: ≤190℃; Peaks: 220℃
Surface treatment available: singed & glazed, heat set, PTFE suspension bath, PTFE membrane, micropore size surface treatment.
We can customize the products according to the requirements of the clients!

The properties of the PPS dust filter bags and services from ZONEL FILTECH:
1. with a professional technical team, design according to the client’s requirements, good performance is guaranteed.
2. Emission within requirements, lower initial resistance, not easy to be blocked.
3. Operation suggestions will be offered, not easily broken, and durable.
4. All the sizes and finish treatments available, immediate delivery.
5. The whole day 24 hours offer after-sales services and faster response.

Main applications of the PPS filter bags:
The PPS filter bags supplied by ZONEL FILTECH are mainly used for dust collection/ fume removal for coal-fired boilers in thermal power plants, cement plants, iron and steel plants, chemical plants, etc, and also for waste incinerators, coke ovens, kilns of the cement, chemical drying process of flue gas purification process, etc.

1. Special specifications can be customized.
2. maximum width:2.25meters.
3. both filter cloth rolls and filter bags are available to supply.

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