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When daily operating the bag filter housing, we may face following of problems: When the micron rate need to be absolute grade, then the flow volume of the filter bag will reduce sharply, also the price of the filter bag will increase much; When the flow volume increased some but we don’t want to change the filter housing, then resistance of the filter bags will be much higher, and maintenance works will increase sharply and cause some more problems, then the pleated filter bags or high flow volume filter cartridges for SS bag filter housing was developed to help to solve the relevant problems and brings the good performance.
For the traditionally designed nonwoven liquid filter bags, as usual, the filter efficiency is around 60~70%, which just can be used for some primary filtration, but for some high-efficiency request occasions is not applicable. To break this limitation and offer higher efficiency but economical solutions, Zonel Filtech developed the PPA high-efficiency liquid filter bags which is pushing the boundaries of bag filtration technology far beyond traditional designs. The filter bag with a filter efficiency more than 99%, in some measure, we call it an absolute rated filter bag. The Zonel brand PPA absolute filter bags adopted the micro PP fiber material with multi-layers made of different density/workmanship filter materials and then put them according to the certain order so as to make the filter bags with different micron sizes and can get the higher filter efficiency as requested to accompany with end users liquid filter housings for various applications.
Air slide hose according to their usage also called bulk cement aeration hose, silo hose, cement air slide hose, cement trailer air slide hose, aeration hose, etc. The Zonel Filtech was one of the most professional air slide hose manufacturers of China can offer the high strength pneumatic air slide hoses with different sizes and special requirements for air slide convey systems, which made of polyester industrial spun yarn in warp side and polyester industrial filament at the weft side. One side of the customized air slide hose with PU/acrylic acide coating, and the other side without. The coating can improve the abrasion resistance of the air slide hose, at the meantime can optimize the air dispreading in the other side without coating so as to fluidize the material easier and make the material with a suitable flow direction and increase the conveying efficiency.
Air Slide System also called air slide chute or fluidizing conveying system or pneumatic conveyor system which widely used in cement industries (cement air slide conveyor), food processing industries (grain air slide conveyor, etc), energy industries and so on for the powdered or granular materials air slide conveying. The system combined with the upper chute, air slide fabrics and lower chute. The pressed air filling from lower chute that pass through the air slide fabrics and fluidizing the dry powdered/granular materials on the upper chute then make them flowing/conveying to the lower position of the system due to the gravity so as to finish the transportation works. The fluidizing particles with less abrasion to the system, and the whole system nearly don’t move when it working that make the system very durable and easy to maintenance; also the powders conveyed in the air tight chute, so they won’t loss when transporting and won’t cause the pollution problem as well.
Air slide systems / pneumatic conveyor system combined with the upper chute, air slide fabrics and lower chute. The pressed air from lower chute pass through the air slide fabrics to fluidize the powdered/granular on the upper chute then make them flowing/conveying to the lower position of the system due to the gravity. The fluidizing particles with less abrasion to the system, and the whole system nearly don’t move when it working that make the system very durable and easy to maintenance; also the powders be conveyed in the air tight chute, so they won’t loss when conveying and won’t cause the pollution problem. Zonel Filtech provide both air slide chute system and replacement air slide fabrics. According to the different materials, the air slide fabrics from us can be divided into the polyester air slide fabric, basalt air slide canvas, Aramid air slide belt / Nomex air slide membrane/ Kavlar air slide cloth. Besides the air slide fabrics, we also provide the super quality air slide hoses.
Zonel Filtech developed the anti-static filter fabrics for fluid bed dust collection application. The filter fabric adopted the food grade raw materials, with special woven construction and finish treatment, suitable for the particle size between 0.5~50 micron particles collection, surface electrical resistance not exceed 10^6, any help needed, welcome to contact with us!
The anti-static filter cloths from Zonel Filtech were designed for dust collection (anti-static dust filter bags) in the occasion of dust air with some flammable or explosive materials, such as flour dust, aluminum dust, coal dust, and some explosive powder materials in the industries such as chemical, etc. As we know, when the density of the flammable dust to a certain point, a small spark may cause an explosion and fire, so when we design the filter materials we have to take them into the consideration. Zonel Filtech designed the anti-static needle felt filter cloth series according to different applications. Include wire line anti-static needle felt, square line anti-static needle felt, conductive fiber blended needle felt filter cloth (include S.S. fiber blended needle felt filter cloth, modified conductive polyester anti-static needle felt filter cloth), etc. We offer both of anti-static filter cloth rolls and ready-made anti-static filter bags, any help needed, welcome to contact Zonel Filtech!
The Aramid fiber/Meta-aramid fiber for needle felt filter cloth production also called Aramid fiber 1313 in China, and Nomex® is one kind of the aramid fibers produced by Dupont®. Zonel Filtech adopted the super quality aramid fiber and scrim then well needle punched them into felt, after the sound finish treatment such as singing, calendering, heat setting, water and oil repellent, PTFE membrane laminated, and so on so as to make the filter cloth with the properties of higher tensile strength, abrasion resistance, lower emission, suitable for the sticky/high moisture dust air purifying, easy purging, lower heat shrinkage, etc. Aramid (Nomex) filter bags mainly operate in the bag filter house with a temperature of between 130 ~ 220 degrees C, a suitable PH value between 5~9, widely used in the steel industry, carbon black industry, building materials industries (cement plants, asphalt mixing station, etc) and power industry, etc.
Zonel Filtech provide good quality Aramid air slide fabric, both Para-aramid air slide fabric (aramid 1414 air slide belt or Kevlar air slide canvas) and Meta-aramid air slide fabric (aramid 1313 air slide membrane or Nomex air slide canvas) are available for various working circumstances and applications. The Para-aramid air slide belt with the properties of fire proof, high tensile strength and abrasion resistance, longer service life, the maximum operation temperature is 250degree C, instant peaks is 350 degree C. For the Meta-aramid air slide cloth, which is fire proof and high temperature resistance air slide fabric as well, the continuous operation temperature is 220 degree C, maximum peaks can up to 250 degree C. Aramid fiber also can be needle punched into nonwoven aramid air slide belt (Nomex nonwoven air slide fabric or Kevlar nonwoven air slide belt) so as to offer some high temperature resistance but economical solutions for the air slide systems and homogenization systems.
ZONEL brand high tensile strength air slide fabric is a belt canvas mainly used for pneumatic transmission of cement, bauxite, carbon black, gypsum, grain, flour and so on, as well as equipped to fluid bed and powder mixing tank / homogenization silo, which with a special and controllable air permeability can help to improve the conveying efficiency, in the mean while reduce pollution, and also guarantee the uniformity of the mixed powders. Zonel Filtech provide good quality basalt filament air slide fabrics / basalt fluidization fabric for air slide systems and homogenization usage in high temperature occasion, the maximum temperature can be up to 700-degree C. The Basalt Air Slide Fabric with the properties of smooth surface and equal air permeability, strong construction, excellent for heat resistance, with the long service life with a perfect performance.
The Candle filter from Zonel Filtech is a kind of pressure filter, the feeding port is from the lower side of the filter vessel, the solid particles are collected at the surface of the filter element and the filtrate goes out from the inner core of the filter element to filtrate tank. The operating procedures include: solution feeding, initial filtrate recycling, filtrate quality checking, filtration, cake washing and air blowing squeezing, and reverse air blowing cake release, if the particle’s specific gravity is higher, the bottom side of the vessel may accumulate the slurry, then bottom size may design with filter board to help dry the slurry and help to handle the residual well.
Candle filter sleeves/ filter hose play a key role in daily production, so adopting suitable filter sleeves will affect the production works directly. Candle filter duct/ filter hose can be designed with both nonwoven and woven type, due to the regeneration issue, the woven filter sleeves are adopted more. Zonel Filtech provides candle filter sleeves in various sizes and materials, any help we can do, welcome to contact us!
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